lingerie - An Overview

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CANE: A skinny, versatile instrument accustomed to strike a person. Canes are sometimes manufactured from rattan or an analogous material, but could possibly be crafted from other kinds of Wooden or simply of adaptable plastic including polycarbonate. They are very distressing, typically leaving marked welts. Also, verb

BOTTOM'S DISEASE: Colloquial The inclination for some individuals who discover as submissive to behave like Anyone who identifies as dominant is dominant to them, such as by substantial demonstrations of obsequiousness although there isn't any negotiated marriage between them.

MOUTH GAG: A dental instrument made to keep the mouth open up for very long amounts of time, at times made use of like a gag in BDSM Perform.

CAT: Colloquial; from cat o' 9 tails: A generic phrase for any flogger whose lashes are braided or knotted, regardless of the quantity of lashes. Commentary:

HOG SLAPPER: An put into action for hanging, consisting of a strap of thick, major rubber, generally wrapped in burlap or Several other coarse product.

SCOLD'S BRIDLE: A lockable metallic cage which encloses the head, with the integrated steel protrusion which goes in to the wearer's mouth, blocking speech. Also called a "brank" or from time to time "branks." Commentary:

FORCED ORGASM: An orgasm induced in a person towards that particular person's will or as Section of resistance play, generally by means of bondage coupled with sexual stimulation. See relevant consensual non-consent.

ICE LOCK: A form of timed lock used in self-bondage, consisting of the metal cylinder that may be crammed with water with a rod or cone-formed insert that can slide in to the stop of your cylinder. The ice lock is assembled, filled with h2o, and frozen.

Most often refers to a person whose spouse tactics cuckoldry by owning intercourse with other associates, although at times applied to explain Girls too. For the feminine equal, see

HANKY CODE: A covert method formulated mostly via the old leather-based community for advertising 1's BDSM preferences and to indicate the routines wherein just one was intrigued. The code worked by utilizing a program of colored handkerchiefs, normally worn while in recommended you read the back pocket, over the left aspect for dominants and the right side for submissives.

A ailment the place extended, repeated stimulation of a certain Component of somebody's body, most frequently pain Enjoy involving paddling or hanging so as to leave deep bruises, tends to make that part of your body much less delicate. Usage:

SPREADER BAR: An implement consisting of the rigid bar or rod, often with attachment factors for restraints built into it at Each and every end, intended to be attached to anyone's toes or ankles in order to keep the individual's legs distribute aside. Can be adjustable in duration.

The colloquial time period "cracker" when applied to explain go to this website someone from The agricultural southern United States originates with def. two.

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